Eden Court has four permanent doctors, who are partners in the practice. You will be registered with one of these doctors, though you may choose who you wish to consult with.


Dr R Edwards, male

Dr P Dhahan, male

Dr N Aggarwal, male

Dr A Mansfield, female

Dr K Hutchinson, female

Salaried doctors

Dr Chitra Meyyappam, female

Works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dr Heather Lodge, female

Works Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Dr Elizabeth Dunn, female

Works Friday

Doctors in training

Currently we have seven doctors training at Eden Court. They are all fully qualified doctors who have worked in hospitals and other surgeries, and are completing some of their training here at Eden Court.

Dr Rachael McGrath, female

Dr Ajay Agarwal, male

Dr Sara Shinwari, female

Dr A Adeleke, male

Dr S Adil Khan, female

Dr M Benyamine, female

Dr H Aden, male

Additional staff


Tom, male

Tom is our paramedic working at the practice who will be seeing patients with emergency problems and doing some of the home visits for our patients.

First contact practitioner

Anthony, male

Anthony is our musculoskeletal specialist working at the practice who sees patients with joint and muscle pain. Please ask at reception if you feel this could benefit you.

Care co-ordinator

Clare Green, female

Clare Green is our care co-ordinator who works with the GPs supporting our care home residents and other patients.

Physican’s Associate

Aniqah Mir, female

Aniqah is our Physician’s Associate, she works alongside the doctors seeing patients aged 6 years and over

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